Renowned Hong Kong designer-artist Alan Chan created his first furniture design “SILKROAD Collection”, which perfectly combines Western culture and contemporary Asian aesthetics.

 After meticulous study of the form and functionality of the Conversation Chair, Chan led to the reinterpretation and creation of the “SILKROAD Collection”, referring to the Silk Road, suggesting Sharing, meeting East and West, Past and Present, Classic and Contemporary, Craftsmanship and Technology, Functionality and Form, Men and Women, Yin and Yang.

著名華人設計師陳幼堅家具設計「思路」 系列(SILKROAD Collection)。靈感源自他一張私人收藏的歐式經典S型椅子(Conversation Chair),陳幼堅將西方文化及東方美學相結合,呈現出融匯古今、貫通中西的現代家具設計。陳幼堅精心研究Conversation Chair的設計及功能,受啟發創作「思路」系列(SILKROAD Collection),以絲綢之路命名,突顯設計作為連繫東西方、過去與現在、經典與當代、工藝與科技、功能與造形、男與女、陰與陽的特性。

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